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Superhero/Supervillain name generator! Reblog with yours!

Terrifying Flaming Bear!!

Surprisingly Crouching Cat.  errr……okay

The Unbelievable Screaming Balloon

someone do fanart of this jesus christ I’m laughing so hard right now

Incredible Diamond Vampire. Part of me loves it. Part of me thinks it sounds like I escaped from the set of Twilight.


Monstrous Giant Ball.

Okay, so not so inaccurate.

improbable flaming goat.

Awesome Friendly Bee.

Hardly going to strike mortal fear into the heart of my arch nemesis, is it?


dastardly rock. suck it.

Amazing Crouching Lion roarrr

unbelievable magic foot
great. I get foot powers.

Y’know those posts that make you laugh so hard that you have to consciously put down your food/drink before you finish reading the rest of it?


UNBELIEVABLE FRIENDLY BALL. So basically I’m just a friendly fat person LOL

HAHAH Evil Diamond Goat!!

(Source: bryonycloud)

My brain is a piece of shit … Let me sleep its fraking 3am !…
Other than that everything is good :)
Can’t wait for some work this weekend ! Need some money after buying that laptop today! Feel free to donate to the kimba party fund. I’ll post pictures soon

I am making some interesting decisions here … Lets call it shitting where you eat …

But I think I’m allowed to let loose after the last year … Or the last 5 years of confusion, hurt and constant uncertainty and all the other emotions … Holy shit it’s been nearly a year since I had that essential beating organ ripped from my chest .. Well it’s been over a year but something is nearly a year.

But to properly move on you need to forgive and be happy for the person … I actually wish them all the happiness in the world. I really do.

And party drunk kimba needs to stop shitting on dinner plates

Peace out!

So far it’s been a little bumpy

So far I think this trip has made me more of an introvert than I thought I was. Whether it was because I didn’t start off on a good note I’m finding it hard to get comfortable here and find my groove… Maybe it’ll change once I have a work routine or maybe when I can start snowboarding next year.. Either way I’m hoping for a good change to happen in the end and none of this back peddling bullshit that’s happening right now.

This is not to say I haven’t met some rad people already. We had fantastic roommates that got moved into another room yesterday, which was sad but I still work with one of them :)

We started work today at tube town. I think we have a good team of people, its gonna be fun. I can’t wait till I don’t stress about how to operate the lifts and use to two way radio without stuffing it up. Snowball fights are encouraged :p

End of season goal .. Be a piñata .. Exciting on the outside and have cool shit on the inside.
We are halfway there, we just need candy.

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